About Us 

Yanni Deshaies & Jennifer Garcia

Cyber Security by Humans.


"Gemini" comes from the Latin name for the constellation of the twins. Gemini Team Security is the name we chose for our company, as we are partners in business and in life. Working together, by complimenting and accentuating each other's strengths and inspiring growth, we lead our dreams with passion and dedication, which shows in the quality of our work. A human-centered approach is at the core of our philosophy in business and interpersonal relations. We work with our clients form a team. We embrace challenges as a learning opportunities and see every job as a new adventure in our journey with our business partners and with each other.

Meet the Team


Yanni Deshaies, Certified Security Information Manager (CISM)

Yanni's expertise stems from 15 years in technology and 10 years in security, working for major television and broadcasting agencies in Montreal. He has studied applied computing, network administration, and business administration and maintains his up-to-date skills through continuing professional development through Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Jennifer Garcia, Communication Director

Jennifer's experience in communication originated with Bachelor's degrees in language and international studies with emphasis in interpersonal communication, and social studies. She has worked in public and private education and safety and security in the private sector.