CyberSecurity by humans 

Efficient technology. Human centered.

Gemini Team Security focuses on the human element of security. Our philosophy in business is that humans are at the center of technology, rather than the reverse.

We get to the root what is important to clients by addressing the human element of cybersecurity, which is the most vulnerable point of access. We assist our clients in managing and improving security based on their company’s existing security program and technology. We listen to our clients to anticipate and incorporate future goals and expanding security requirements.

We work to educate them and their employees about mitigating security risks with a continuous improvement process that is accessible to people regardless of their business/technology background. Our mission is to help people and companies become more security savvy, and take ownership in protecting themselves and businesses.






Security Governance

We partner with your business in ensuring that your company understands their current and future security challenges and in assisting them in managing their investment in security in the most cost effective way by developing a security program which includes realistic steps to achieve it, and develops key risk indicators that are significant to the business model, culture and risk tolerance. 

Architecture Consulting

We work with our clients to assess their current security structure and technology. We offer strategic consulting to help them to improve their current architecture based on the needs of their security program and goal. We provide resources and/or help their current internal resources to manage a security program based on the technology they currently have, assist in improving it and in some cases, in choosing any new technology they require.

Human Process Management

This is our main area of focus and the most important link of cybersecurity. Each company has a unique model and business structure, and security requirements. We work with our clients and their employees to assess their current measures of protection and educate them in creating and maintaining healthy security habits by providing security awareness and training on security principles. We provide assistance to our partners in addressing change management and in applying continuous improvement practices to revise and optimize security habits in business.